Oliver Grigsby

Television Writer & Dungeon Master

15 years experience in creative content, world building and multi-platform storytelling

Oliver Grigsby was born in England, raised in Australia and educated in Boston, he now lives in Los Angeles working as Screenwriter and professional Dungeon Master. He has written for such shows as Heroes, Nikita, 12 Monkeys and Star Trek: Picard.

In addition, Oliver has extensive experience in new media content; writing & editing the Heroes Graphic Novel series, and the web series Heroes: Slow Burn. Oliver has written online content for USA’s In Plain Sight, Activision’s World Series of Poker, and the popular webcomic Penny Arcade.

In his spare time Oliver runs a business offering professional Dungeon Master services, teaching and running games of Dungeons & Dragons. You can hire him or one of his Game Masters through his website, Bardic Entertainment.

Oliver graduated from Boston College in 2004 with a degree in English and a minor in Film Studies. He understands the rules of cricket but finds it difficult to choose which country to root for. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two daughters and their dog.


You can reach Oliver directly via email, or through his representatives.
For Dungeon Master services, please visit BardicEntertainment.com




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